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Second Nature Wellness was created out of the notion that wellness, particularly how we care for ourselves, should feel like second nature.

Kelly McLauchlan Stone, MScN

Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, Wellness Consultant

I received my master’s degree in holistic nutrition following a 10-year stint working in the BioPharma and service industries focused on marketing, promotions, and event management. While working as Director of Marketing for a BioPharma company, I identified a gap in my work-life balance that centered around food and I began to question how we treat our bodies, and what truly motivates our food choices. This question challenged the principles of my work, and I exited that industry hoping to find answers and help others seek their ideal well being.

I began to practice yoga in undergrad as a way to get out of the dorms and away from my desk. I found yoga to create a space of calm and composure in a time when the stress of studies and impending ‘real-life’ was the loudest noise in the room. With a dream of sharing my practice with others, I completed a yoga teacher training to incorporate healthy movement in conjunction with my wellness service offerings, and to provide the local community with my voice on the importance of making self-care a priority.

When I'm not out hustling to network in the community, I am likely out walking with my dog and new baby boy, cooking with my husband, or cycling around Portland to sample the city’s best eats.

My favorite motto is 'Will travel for food.' 


Master's of Science,  Holistic Nutrition

National University of Natural Medicine

Bachelor's of Arts, International Business & Spanish

James Madison University


RYT 200 hours, The People's Yoga

FAME Educator, Food As Medicine Institute

Second Nature Wellness

Almost as simple as tying your shoes, or brushing your teeth, understanding our food, and prioritizing our well-being ought to feel like second nature. Once we’re taught these skills, they become habits that are ingrained in our daily routines.


So then why do we struggle to incorporate healthy movement into our day, or feel lost in the grocery store and helpless in the kitchen? With so many resources available and yet so much noise from the internet and social media distorting the picture, it’s no wonder folks have forgotten their self-care habits, or lack the discipline to maintain new ones, and feel incapable of change. Stress and sleep deprivation have become the norm and prioritizing our well-being has taken a back burner in life.

So let's change that. Through education, through trial and error, through hard work, delicious food, and fun movement. Let's create the environment to generate new, lifelong habits and routines; habits that promote longevity, vitality, and control over your health. Maybe it's at work. Perhaps it's at home. As long as it's an everyday pursuit, we can do this together!

Image by Rayia Soderberg
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